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LEM Digital is a professional manufacturer of printable wallpaper media, the material mainly use for digital printing machine which use Eco-solvent/Latex/UV ink and also Aqueous ink. 100+ different wallcovering material for different custom needs. From the material points, there are mainly non-woven paper, vinyl, non-woven fabrics, canvas; from the coating points, there are mainly ECO/UV/Latex ink dedicated, water-based ink(Aqueous Ink) dedicated; width 1.07m-3.1m are available. Click the button below to get great ideas on how we provide you with exceptional solutions for wonderful printable wallpaper and other digital print media products.

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Printable Non Woven Wallpaper For Digital Printing

Non woven wallpaper base is widely used for the digital printing custom wallpaper, it is a mix of synthetic and natural fibers that allows the paper to remain dimensionally stable when wet. It is PVC free and allows moisture to pass through, preventing condensation and mold. Also, unlike Paper wallpaper, Textile wallpaper, it is strong and strong against water, not easy to tear, but easy to install. We have different items for clients use Xeikon Dry Toner, ตัวทำละลายเชิงนิเวศ, น้ำยาง, UV and Aqueous Ink.

Printable Self Adhesive Wallpaper

LEM Digital's self adhesive wallpaper is easy to peel and sticky, there will be no glue remain. The surface of material is canvas fabric material, it is stable not easy to out of shape. Good color reproduction, it can adapt to all kinds of mainstream printers on the market. We can make the material suit for UV/ECO-solvent/Latex ink, and also Aqueous ink. The products widely use for custom wallpaper printing, digital self adhesive wallpaper, 3d wallpaper printing.

Vinyl Printable wallpaper Material

LEM Digital supply high quality vinyl printable wallpaper. The material is widely used for 3D wallpaper and ECO-solvent wallpaper printing, it is economic type but good color output. We have more than 100+ texture designs for your needs.

Printable Seamless Wall Cloth

Seamless wall cloth is widely used for UV/Latex/ECO-solvent printing, the roll width of the material is up to 2.8m/3.0m/3.1m/3.2m. You can check our catalog to see details of our products. The material is easy to install, any type of image or photo can be printed on one piece of sheet. It become more and more popular in indoor decoration.