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11 Years Experience

We have been in the fast growing digital printing business for 11 years, aim to be the leading supplier of the digital printing media for interior application

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Products sells in 30 countries, welcome clients from all over the world!


We have spread our products line over 100 types for different application.


เกิน 200 reliable clients in Asia, America, middle east and Europe


More than 500 type of application of our digital printing media

Grow with LEM Digital

Now we are not only supply digital printing media, we also supply printing service for our clients all over the world!
  • 1 Dec 2019LEM Digital Media

    After reintegrating our suppliers, our current products include wall covering media, art canvas fabric, Home textile media, Glass application media and so on..
  • 13 May 2017More products

    Start with partner to extend our printing media range, products including wall covering media and glass application media.
  • 29 Aug 2014Specialty Media

    The founder start special media exporting, mainly wall decoration printing media, paper substrate.