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Aralık 26, 2019

A custom mural wallpaper is a kind of wallpaper that you can DIY your own design on it, whatever kind of graphic, art design, picture of life, cartoon and so on. You can bring them easily to your life with Custom mural wallcovering.

There are currently 4 mainstream mural printing machines on the market.

Eco-solvent Printers

Eco-solvent printers are the most used machine on the market for custom wallpaper printing, Eco-solvent ink is economic and have a great color expression result, it is environment friendly but not suggest for kids room wallpaper.

Aqueous Printers

Aqueous Ink is great for wall mural wallpaper printing, compared with Eco-solvent ink, it is more environment firnedly but price higher than it.

HP Latex Printers

The best printers for custom mural wallpaper printing, it use latex ink which is same like Aqueous ink with out any harmful to the environment but have great result of color output, It is widely used for kids room custom wall decor printing.

UV Printers

UV printers is widely use for large format(seamless) wall mural printing, it can reach out a real 3D Murals, But the smell of UV ink is relatively strong, it takes time for the smell to disappear.

uv mural printing
UV Mural Printing
uv mural printing
UV Mural Printing

ONEW Inkjet supply all the types of wallpaper media for different printers, series including non woven wallpaper meida, peel and stick wallpaper media, PVC textured wallpaper media, seamless wallpaper wall cloth and so on. Talk with our sales team to get more informaion.