Aqueous Ink PVC FREE Wall Covering Media

self adhesive fabric
Peel and Sticky Wallpaper Mural Base
Tháng 12 26, 2019
Poly-cotton fabric for sublimation printing
Dye Sublimation Fabric
Tháng 12 25, 2019

Aqueous based printable non woven wall covering with special coating for water based(aqueous) ink, designed for digital type custom wallcovering printing

Mã hàng:


Kích thước:

127cm(50''), 50tôi(164ft)/roll



chất chữa cháy:


This textured non woven wall covering media, also called printable wallpaper, wall mural base, is used for digital type custom wallpaper mural printing, bạn có thể in bất kỳ loại hình ảnh nào chẳng hạn như ảnh, designed graphic to bring you own idea on the wall.

The media is compatable with Aqueous(water based) Mực, special coating on the surface make it have great ink absorption to ensure your fatastic printing result. We can also make it eco-solvent based, Eco-solvent Wall covering Media and Self-Adhesive Wallpaper media

Đặc trưng:
  • Thân thiện với môi trường, PVC free wallpaper
  • Hiệu suất màu sắc tuyệt vời
  • Fir retardant, Standard B1 level
  • Semi-glossy finish with empaistic pattern
  • Được làm từ sợi tự nhiên và tổng hợp, thoáng khí
  • Water based waterproof coating, great ink absorption
  • Easy to install with normal type rice glue
  • Khả năng chịu kéo và co rút vượt trội
  • Interior space
  • Home Decoration
  • Exhibition
  • Office, retail outlets, fitness or any workplace
  • Shopping mall, airport, school, hospital or any public space
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