Cotton Cavas Fabric

cotton linen cavas fabric
Cotton-Linen Canvas Fabric
Tháng Mười 19, 2021
phim kính siêu trong
Phim Kính Siêu Trong
Tháng Mười 18, 2021

Cotton Canvas Fabric Rolls with special coating for solvent, eco-solvent, uv, latex ink, designed for digital type wall murals, art, poster printing

Mã hàng:


Kích thước:

0.914tôi(36"), 1.07tôi(42''), 1.27tôi(50"), 1.37tôi(54"), 1.52tôi(60"), 3.2m 30m(100ft)/roll


Hand-drawing,Mủ cao su, UV

chất chữa cháy:


LEM Cotton canvas fabric is type of raw material for mural, the substrate including matt finish, glossy finish, Semi-Glossy finish, around 350gsm. We can also make it Shading, fire risistant, hard and soft type.

The media is compatable with Hand-drawing, Latex and UV Ink, special coating on the surface make it have great ink absorption to ensure your fantastic printing result.

Đặc trưng:
  • Environmental safety certification
  • Hiệu suất màu sắc tuyệt vời
  • Fir retardant, Standard B1/B2 level
  • Matt, Glossy, Semi-glossy finish with empaistic pattern
  • Được làm từ sợi tự nhiên và tổng hợp, thoáng khí
  • Compact base, clear texture and high strength
  • Unique production process and fixed production process, stable quality
  • Suitable for printing with various inks, as well as hand-drawning and inkjet printing
  • Interior space
  • Home Decoration
  • Exhibition
  • Office, retail outlets, fitness or any workplace
  • Shopping mall, airport, school, hospital or any public space
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