Película autoadhesiva para paredes y exhibición semipermanente

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July 19, 2022
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Sustrato imprimible de tela de pared sin costuras
Noviembre 8, 2021

The self-adhesive film for walls and display Self-Adhesive Film For Walls And Semi-Permanent Display is a kind of self-adhesive film that can be paste on any flat surface, users can change any type of adhesvie paper or film in second because of the surface of the film has made the release processing.

Artículo No.:



127cm(50''), 50metro(164pie)/rollo


12s transparent PE


120g White silicon paper

LEM self-adhesive film is made for advertsing and decoration users, it make peel and sticky in second. Simple, convenient, quick and multiple usage.

transparent type white type
  • Suit for all kinds of flat and semi-smooth surfaces
  • Great adehsive technologe, can be pasted on any surface
  • Removable over 1000 times
  • Release procession on the surface, any adhesive products is easy to peel and sticky
  • Protect the surface of objects
  • Textured surface
  • Fácil de instalar, peel and sticky
  • Advertising Wall
  • Advertising Window
  • Indoor Decoration
  • School
  • Centro comercial, aeropuerto, hospital o cualquier espacio público
removable whiteboard film